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The Freeland Forum
Mike Seith's Vehicles
Pegasus Productions
SC4 Devotion (Jeronij)
BSC Lot Exchange
Simphoni Forums
Arroway Textures
P. Bourke's Textures
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Metal Textures
This is my modest home on the net.  I, mostly, use it as a links page.
Below are a few of the things I've made, with GMax/BAT, for use in SimCity 4.
Perkins Furniture
Wisconsin Gas
Goniff Chemical
Acme Toxic Ind
B&T Cannery
Hudson Glass
Paramount Opera
SAS Nettan Building - Paris
3DS Models
3D Cafe
Eric Saltel's Meshes
Baument's Meshes
Princeton's 3DS Search
3D Links
Guest Artist
Phantom433's Creations
Google Search

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